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Best Wireless Tens Machine UK – Med-Fit 2

Tens and Ems machines are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they can help alleviate many medical problems. As with so many other technological devices people are wanting wireless technology. Being able to go about your daily life without the restraints of wires is now becoming a major factor. This is no different in the world of Tens and Ems machines. So today we are going to be reviewing one of the best wireless tens machines available in the UK, the Med-Fit 2 Dual Channel Wireless Tens Machine.

Wireless Tens Machine.

The Med-Fit 2 wireless tens machine is a great little device that is simple to use and of a clean design. It is a powerful Tens and Ems device that has been developed to really help take away your aches and pains. The fact that this has been achieved in a totally wireless and lightweight device is amazing. I think the fact that you get a continuous 12 hour battery life on a wireless Tens and Ems Machine is very good and is sufficient for a days use. By not having to have the actual unit on your person is a lot less restrictive.A picture of the Med-fit 2 wireless Tens machine

Facts and features.

Now we will have a look at some facts and features of this device.

  • It has a rechargeable battery proving 12 hours use.
  • There are 15 preset programs each with 15 intensity levels.
  • This Tens Machine can be charged from the mains or USB with the included adaptors.
  • It is fully compliant to the Medical Device Directive (M.D.D).
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

Is a wireless Tens machine worth the extra money?

In our honest opinion the Med-Fit 2 wireless Tens machine is worth the extra money over a wired Tens machine. You get the same level of power and features, if not more and without the restraints of wires. We know what it is like to try to go about your daily life whilst using a wired Tens machine and this is so much easier.

At the price that it costs you are getting exceptional ache and pain relief from a small and well made unit. The rechargeable battery which provides 12 hours use should easily see you through a day. If not it can basically be charged anywhere that has a power supply.

I believe this is the best wireless Tens machine available in the UK. You will not go wrong by choosing this device for your pain relief or muscle stimulation. There are numerous modes and also sensitivity levels which will suit all users. This is a really powerful Tens and Ems machine that really helps rid you of pain.

If you own this device please comment below with your experiences using it, or ask any questions below. Below you will see the best price available at Amazon which is around £20 cheaper than most of the large retailers!

If you would prefer a wired version with more modes then please take a look at our review of the Med-Fit EV906 which is a really good wired Tens machine.


Med-Fit 2 Dual Channel wireless Tens Machine




Value for money




Battery life


Programs and options



  • Wireless technology
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful programs
  • Very user friendly


  • Price is higher than wired Tens machines
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