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Using a TENS machine to relax muscles.

The world is now starting to see the benefits of TENS machine therapy to treat many different ailments. However not manly people know that they are perfect for relaxing muscles.

I often use my own TENS machine to wind down after a labour intensive day. The small electrical pulses perfectly ease and relax any muscle tension.

This article is going to highlight all of the benefits of using a TENS machine for muscle relaxation therapy.

Does a TENS machine relax muscles.

Yes, a TENS machine is the perfect answer if you suffer from tight and knotted muscles. Depending upon the settings you use on the unit you can get a perfect balance. This will cause the muscles to gently contract and release leading to a massaged feeling.

Read on if you would like a deeper look into how it works, the benefits and also much more.

Why do muscles tighten, get sore and knotted?

Our modern day lifestyles have created a world where we can often end up with tired, sore and often knotted muscles. From heavy lifting in manual jobs to exercise and sporting activities.

These sorts of movements can lead to muscles feeling sore and also that knotted feeling. A knotted muscle is actually a small area of muscle that has hardened. This muscle will then involuntary contract causing that pain that many of us are used to.

Along with knots there is the general soreness that you get from over working a certain set of muscles. This can be caused by anything from exercise to keen gardening and everything in between.

Nearly all of these problems will go away in their own time. However there is going to be pain and soreness until it has subsided. This can lead to many people seeking out physical therapists and massages.

Using a TENS machine to treat sore and aching muscles means that we can cut out the need for pricey massages. Also it will leave your muscles feeling looser and knot free.

A photo of someone with a sore muscle
Sore muscles are a common occurrence in our everyday lives.

How does a TENS machine relax sore and knotted muscles?

I am not sure if you know how a TENS machine works, there are many who still have not heard of them. If you would like the full run down then this link will take you to our page that describes how they work.

The basics are though that the TENS unit will send out small electrical currents through electrodes attached to your skin. By placing the electrodes over the effected area you will get pain relief  as your body will release endorphins.

As well as this it will cause gentle and relaxed contractions to the muscle fibres. This can be likened to what a massage feels like and it has the same effect on the muscles as one.

Does a TENS machine hurt your muscles?

No, a TENS machine should never hurt your muscles. The whole idea is for the relaxation of your muscles!

You see, a TENS machine has multiple settings of modes and power increments. This means that you can gradually increase the power until  you get just the right amount.

When you use a TENS machine to relax and massage your muscles you should feel a slight tingling. Along with this you will feel your muscles gently contracting and relaxing.

Most people tend to find the feeling very therapeutic and I agree. It is a great way to unwind and relax after a tough day.

The benefits of using a TENS machine to treat sore and tense muscles.

A photo of some medicine
Using a TENS machine provides drug free pain relief.

There are several benefits to using a TENS machine to treat and relax muscles that are sore and causing discomfort.

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that it gives you a natural and drug free way to combat any pain symptoms. Normally if you are suffering from moderate to severely stiffness you may find yourself reaching for the painkillers. There is no need to do this with a TENS as it provides great pain relief by causing your body to release its natural pain killer Endorphins.

Another massive benefit of using a TENS machine to treat painful muscles is that it saves on visits to physical therapists for massages.

This not only saves time but also saves on the huge costs that getting massage therapy can bring.

Your TENS machine can also be used by all of your family for many different ailments should it ever be needed. This makes it hugely cost effective to own one.

The best TENS machine for relaxing sore muscles.

When it comes to buying a TENS machine for treating your muscle problems there is one that we really recommend. That is the Med-Fit Premier.

We recommend this TENS machine for so many different illnesses and problems. We do this because it works and it works very, very well!

Below I will place country specific links for the US and the UK as they use slightly different product names even though it is the same device.

A photo of a tens machine
The Med-Fit Premier is the TENS machine that we recommend for relaxing muscles.

The best TENS machine for muscle pain US.

This is the link that will take you to the Med-Fit Premier for the US market. It will take you directly to the product listing on Amazon where the best price available is.
Med-Fit BAL-906A Premier 4 Channel Easy Rechargeable

The best TENS machine for relaxing muscles UK.

If you are from the UK and would like to see the Med-Fit Premier and also the best price available please see the below link. As above it will take you straight to the Amazon listing page.
Med-Fit Premier 4 Channel TENS & Muscle Stimulator 24 Pre-Set Programmes & Manual Adjustment for Pain Relief, Muscle Re-Education, Strengthening, Pain Management, Back Pain & Rehabilitation.

In conclusion…

TENS machines are absolutely brilliant for relaxation purposes as well as killing pain. By using a TENS machine you can relax your painful and sore muscles without the need for nasty medication or a massage.

I really hope you have learnt something from this article and that it sets you on the path to buying your first unit. I guarantee that you will wonder how you ever lived without one once you try it.




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