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The facts about TENS machines, some may surprise you!

In this blog post we are going to go over some of the most asked questions about TENS machines on Google search. Have you noticed that little box that appears on the search engine when you start typing a query? Well using this we can see all the questions you lot ask google. Now we will provide answers to some of them!

Does a Tens machine hurt?

Well this is one of the most commonly asked questions out there, does a TENS machine hurt?  It seems a lot of people worry about feeling pain whilst receiving TENS therapy. The fact is that TENS machines do not hurt if they are used correctly.

The only reason why a TENS machine would hurt or feel uncomfortable is because the pads are to dry or the power is set to high. The conductive gel pads must remain damp at all times. The power should be slowly and gradually be set to a comfortable yet effective position. If these steps are taken then a TENS machine will not hurt.

Do not let the though of it hurting or being uncomfortable get in the way of all the benefits it has. The feeling you will get from a TENS machine when used correctly is a slight tingling sensation or a gentle massaging. This can feel very relaxing but never painful.

Does a TENS machine work for nerve pain?

Another commonly asked question is do TENS machines work for nerve pain. The simple answer to that is yes, they certainly do! One of the biggest benefits is how they counteract nerve pain.

They do this by blotting out the pain signals that are sent from the nerve endings to the brain. It is amazing how effective a decent unit is for treating nerve conditions when used correctly.

We have a full page dedicated to treatment of Sciatica by electro therapy. Sciatica is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and is awful for its sufferers. If you would like to read what we have to say about Sciatica treatment than have a read of this page.

A photo of someone receiving tens therapy
TENS machines have a lot of benefits but people have doubts.

Does a TENS machine stimulate muscles?

People regularly ask, does a TENS machine stimulate muscle? The answer to this is yes and no.

TENS machines do not go that deep. However most Units also have EMS settings which stand for electric muscle stimulation. These send much more powerful pulses of electricity into the skin. They go deep into the muscle fibres which causes muscle contractions.

This does stimulate the muscle and is recommended for people who are immobile to stop muscle wastage. It is also used by people who want to tone up and shape muscles. This is accomplished through an EMS machine like the Slendertone Abs belt.

Does a TENS machine help healing?

This question is a bit of a misunderstanding that people have. Does a TENS machine help healing?

The answer to that question is no, it will not help heal the majority of ailments. It is not designed to heal things.

What it does do and does it very well is help manage and control the pain created by these illnesses. Many ailments require either medicines or time to heal but a TENS machine can help with the pain relief in the mean time.

Can a TENS machine help migraines?

This is actually a great use for a TENS unit. A variety of tests have shown conclusive evidence that a TENS machine can help migraines. In actual fact 80% of people included in the study said that it had dramatically helped control their migraines.

Because of the way that they help to block pain signals and also overload the nervous system pain from migraines is effectively reduced.

We highly recommended using a TENS unit if you are a sufferer of regular migraines. We strongly believe that they could make them a lot easier to deal with.

A photo of a migraine
A TENS machine can dramatically reduce the symptoms of a migraine.

Are TENS machines expensive?

We do not believe that’s TENS machines are expensive, in fact totally the opposite. One of our most recommended and used TENS machines costs less than £40! It provides excellent pain relief for such a small price to pay. Even our favourite and most expensive unit comes in at just less than £90.

There are much more expensive makes and models out there but they offer no more than the models that we feature. All of the models that we have tested and reviewed have treated a variety of different pains.

So in a word a TENS machine is not expensive. Not that a price can be put in pain relief!

Where can I buy a TENS machine?

There are many retailers of TENS machines now on the high street or online. We strongly recommend that you take caution though and only purchase tested and review devices. This way you can buy in total confidence that you will get the right product for your own needs.

If you are in the market for buying one but want to read some reviews first check out some of the reviews on this website. We have a lot of experience in TENS machine therapy and try all of the units that we review.

How often can I use a TENS machine?

This is one of the beautiful things about TENS machines. They can be used as often as you like. Generally speaking most people will use them for between 30 mins to 2 hours per session but multiple times a day.

Now that technology is getting better TENS units are getting a lot smaller and more portable. This is great as it means that we can use them whilst on the go. At work in the office or driving in the car you can discreetly and successfully use one.

Overuse of a TENS machine generally is not an issue. However if you do feel that your skin is getting sore it is a sign that you need to have a rest from it. We do not recommend sleeping with a unit in place as you will not be able to respond to any soreness.

Does a TENS machine work?

By far one of the most common search queries on google about units. Does a TENS machine actually work?

People are often curious and do not want to waste their money on something that they are not sure even works. There is so much misinformation spread on the internet these days so it is hard to separate fact from fiction.

We along with many thousands of people all over the world know that TENS machines do work. We get the excellent pain relief from them on a daily basis for a variety of ailments.

Hopefuly as more and more studies are conducted new people will benefit from them.

In conclusion…

There are a lot of different facts and rumours on the internet about TENS therapy. Some is written from experience bad and good, some is just plain old cobblers.

Hopefully this blog post has cleared up some of the quest and misconceptions about TENS machines and their uses. We hope that it has helped and maybe even given you reason to give one a try.

There are so many reasons to start using one and very little to lose. We wish you the best of luck in the start of your journey of TENS pain relief and management.

Why not have a look at some of the other articles on our website. Also if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.






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