Best TENS machine 2019 Med-Fit Premier review.

Today we are reviewing the Med-Fit Premier EV906 TENS Machine. This is our pick for the best TENS machine 2019. It really is an amazing bit of kit! Throughout our testing it provided excellent pain relief for a variety of different ailments. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

  • Med-Fit are the main supplier to the NHS.
  • It has 24 programs, 12 are Tens and 12 are Ems.
  • You will get total control with 99 power increments.
  • It has a rechargeable li-ion battery with 12 hour life.
  • Use up to 8 electrodes at a time to cover large parts of affected areas.

A picture of the tested tens machine in this review

How well does the TENS machine work?

This is one powerful little TENS machine. It features 4 channels which means that you can connect up to 8 electrodes. What this means is that you can cover vast areas of your body such as your back and shoulders at one time.

It literally has a dozen TENS modes and a dozen Ems modes so you will can guarantee there is one that is suitable for you. Each of these modes has 99 steps of power increases which is perfect for finding one that is comfortable.

Through our testing we found that this TENS unit offers great pain relief on minimal power settings which is great for battery life. As for the Ems settings we found that it can really penetrate deep into your muscle leaving you feeling massaged and flexible. The Ems settings will be perfect for anyone who has a sports injury as the multiple power settings will allow for gentle massaging. Also it would be perfect for anyone who suffers from sore shoulders and back, this is where we tested it mainly. Here is a list of ailments that the Med-Fit Premier EV906 excels at relieving, this list is not exhaustive:

  • Back and shoulder aches and pains.
  • Sciatica.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Nerve and muscle spasms.
  • Sporting injuries.
  • Labour pains.
  • Post surgery pains.

Is it worth its price tag?

Yes it certainly is worth its price tag. This TENS machine is packed with features and is made by a very successful and respected manufacturer. It has a very robust and well built feel although it can feel slightly bulky, that would be the only slight criticism.

I think this Tens/Ems Machine would ideally suit someone who suffers from moderate to severe aches and pains. Or someone who has tried one of the cheaper models before and not had much success with it.

This is a professional Quality TENS machine and will last a lifetime, giving the user amazing pain relief and also helps to free up them stiff muscles and joints. We thoroughly enjoyed using it and that is why we have chosen it as our best TENS machine 2019. We are sure that you will love it to.

If you like the sound of the Med-Fit EV906 Tens Machine that we have just reviewed please scroll down to the Amazon link. From here you will be able to read up more of the technical data and see more pictures, plus buy it at the cheapest available price with free next day delivery.

Here’s to the start of your ache and pain free life!

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Med-Fit Premier EV906




Value for money




Battery life


Programs and options



  • Many useable modes
  • Many power settings
  • 8 electrodes for full body stimulation
  • Professional Tens machine


  • Can feel a little bulky


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I have been using this TENS now for a few days and already I have more movement and flexibility in my joints than I have after years of stretching exercises! Thanks again

  2. Excellent tens unit, definitely worth its fractional cost for the pain relief it has given me from my sciatica.

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