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Using a TENS machine for migraines

Anyone who suffers from frequent and severe migraines will know that they can be pretty debilitating. Once the start of the migraine has taken place it is just a case of sitting it out and praying for it to stop.

There is nothing you can do whilst the migraine is ongoing. In this article though we will share with you something that is making the lives of migraine sufferers better.

TENS machine therapy is a quite new technology and we are only slowly realising the benefits. One of which is the ability to reduce the pain and discomfort of migraines.

What is a migraine?

A migraine is usually a moderate to brutally severe headache that presents itself on one side of the head. The pain itself is more often than not a pulsing, throbbing pain.

It is thought that roughly 20% of women and 5% of men suffer frequent migraines. This makes it quite a common problem for the population.

When a migraine strikes it can come with a few other symptoms such as seeing flashing lights. Other symptoms with be highly increased sensitivity to light and sound.

What causes migraines?

We still do not know the exact causes of migraines, however we do have our suspicions.  It is thought that everything from hormones to our genes can play a part in if we are going to be a migraine sufferer.

What we do know is that certain things can trigger migraines for people who are susceptible to them. These can include but are not limited to:

  • High amounts of caffeine in your diet.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Flashing or bright lights.
  • Loud noises. (To combat this you could try soundproofing your home)
  • Smoking tobacco.
  • Poor or little sleep.

As said this is just a few of the main triggers of migraines.

How does a TENS machine help to treat a migraine?

The pain relief of TENS machines and TENS therapy have been known for some time now. However we are only just starting to truely understand the full potential of this unorthodox treatment.

Tests have shown that by using a TENS machine when you feel a migraine coming on the pain and symptoms are much more bearable.

TENS machines work by tricking the body’s central nervous system. The little zaps of electricity block pain gateways and re-route pain signals. It also causes the body to release Endorphins which are a natural pain killer that your body uses to treat pain.

If you are interested in learning how TENS machine work and relieve pain have a look at this link .

This is how to use a TENS machine to treat a migraine.

Using a TENS machine to treat a migraine is really easy as well. It is as simple as placing two to four sticky electrode pads. They will be placed at the back, base of the neck just as shown in the below picture.

A photo of TENS machine electrodes placement for migraines
If you would like to use a TENS machine for migraine treatment place the electrodes like this.

Once you have placed the electrode pads in the right position you can now switch on the TENS machine. Now it is just a case of selecting a sensitivity setting that is helping to relieve your migraine symptoms. It is best to do this with gradual increases so that you do not apply to much power.


The benefits of using a TENS machine to treat a migraine.

The biggest benefit of using a TENS machine to treat migraine pain is that it is drug free. Many people are now trying to live healthier lifestyles and keep away from traditional medicines whenever possible.

A TENS machine works by using small electrical charges to encourage the body to release its own form of natural,powerful painkiller.

Another great benefit is that a TENS machine treats so much more than just migraines. They are amazing at treating all kinds of nerve conditions, muscle and joint pain and much more aside. This means they are very cost effective as you can treat your familys ailments whenever needed with the same unit.

Is a TENS machine effective at treating migraines?

In a word yes. A TENS machine can provide great treatment to those who suffer from frequent and severe migraines.

One of the best things is that a TENS unit is a really small device. It can be carried in your pocket or bag and is ready for whenever a migraine strikes. Because as anyone who suffers from them will know, there is not much warning.

The best TENS machine for migraines.

When it comes to treating a migraine with a TENS machine there is only one that we recommend. In fact we recommend this same one for many different illnesses as it is just so good at what it does.

The best TENS machine for migraines in our opinion is the Med-Fit Premier. The reason for this is because it is so versatile at treating any ailment. It has dozens of easy to use sensitivity settings meaning that there will be the right amount of power for every user.

Along with this it is very small and portable so you can take it with you whilst driving or working.

Beliw I will place links that will take you to Amazon. There will be two links as they are country specific to the US and UK so click on the one where you are from to see the best price available.

A photo of the med-Fit Premier
The Med-Fit Premier is the best TENS machine for treating migraines.

The best TENS machine for treating migraines (US market).

Here is the link to the Med-Fit Premier for those from the US.
Med-Fit BAL-906A Premier 4 Channel Easy Rechargeable

The best TENS machine for treating migraines (UK market).

Below you will find a link to our best TENS machine for treating migraines if you are from the UK.

Med-Fit Premier 4 Channel TENS & Muscle Stimulator 24 Pre-Set Programmes & Manual Adjustment for Pain Relief, Muscle Re-Education, Strengthening, Pain Management, Back Pain & Rehabilitation.

In conclusion…

Migraines can be a terrible problem to suffer from. However we truely believe that by using TENS therapy you will be able to manage them in a much better way.

Whatever you choose to do I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and wish you the best of luck.

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