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Benefits of a TENS machine, here is how it could help you.

If you have found yourself on this web page the chances are you want to know how a TENS machine could help you. So let’s go right ahead and see the benefits of a TENS machine.

The benefits of a TENS machine.

Now we are going to assume that you already know how a TENS machine works? If not why not check out this link which will take you to our page detailing the ins and outs of a TENS unit!

One of the biggest benefits of using a TENS machine is self managed pain relief. Think about it, how much simpler could life be if you could take control of your own pain relief? Well that is possible with a TENS machine. A TENS machine can be used anywhere at any time. This means you can provide adequate pain relief whilst still being on the go, discreetly and effectively!

Another benefit of using a TENS machine for self managed pain relief is that it means less time off work. Certain illnesses and ailments can be very restrictive and will sometimes require time of work due to pain. However with a TENS unit you can moderate this pain whilst at work. If you can administer your own pain relief then there is less down time. Many people use their TENS machine when needed most such as when driving or sitting at a desk all day. Or even in manual based jobs that require lots of movement of the joints and muscles. Because TENS machine technology is improving the newer units are much smaller and portable.

Benefits of a TENS machine- Rely less on medication.

A picture of some painkillers
No more painkillers

Is there anyone who likes taking medication to control pain? I highly doubt it. More and more people are coming to realise that our reliance on prescription medicines is not a good thing. Many of these medications come with nasty side effects and health warnings. Not to mention the epidemic of people becoming addicted to these substances.

One of the benefits of a TENS machine is that it combats the need for pain relieving medicines. Them little pulses of pain killing electricity can mitigate the need for some medicines and potions. Surely going the drug free route to pain relief is something we should all be thinking about.

A TENS machine is not a wonder drug, it is an advancement in modern technology. As with many new technologies people need some convincing to make the switch from more conventional methods. But with with the drug free benefit of a TENS machine surely many people will give it a go?

A growing number of applications.

The benefits of a TENS machine for certain ailments and illnesses is growing. We now know that it provides excellent pain relief for a host of problems that include-

  • Sciatica, the irritation of the Sciatic nerve. (We have a whole page dedicated to how a TENS machine can treat Sciatica.)
  • Lower and upper back pain.
  • Arthritis treatment and joint pains.
  • Post surgery recovery.
  • Various other nerve related illnesses.
  • Period pain and cramping.
  • Issues with tendons such as tendinitis.

Not only are TENS machines great for relieving aches and pains caused by medical issues. They are also great for sporting and recreational use. Many TENS machines also double up as EMS machines which stands for electrical muscle stimulation. EMS provides great relief for sporting strains to muscles and also a great massage to tired and aching muscles.

As mentioned before this is just the tip of the iceberg for what a TENS machine can help relieve. New uses are being found all the time and new benefits of a TENS machine are being regularly discovered.


A picture showing the benefits of a TENS machine, reduced back pain.

TENS machine benefits- Affordable pain relief.

Yes, we know that a box of pain killers can be purchased for very little. But as mentioned though the benefits of moving away from medicinal pain killers is a priority. As with many medical devices there is quite a worry of affordability. A TENS machine is quite different to the norm though and a decent machine can be purchased for quite a low price.

Do not be fooled though even a lower priced TENS machine has plenty of power to relieve your pain symptoms. It is highly recommend to buy a trusted and rated device though. There are many makes and models available but some of the really cheap ones are not so good. Our cheapest recommended TENS machine currently retails at around £37 which is very cheap considering how good it performs. Obviously there are some much more price units out there but most users will not need to buy them.

Prescription medicines cost the NHS millions of pounds each year. By switching to a TENS machine where possible you are not only helping yourself but the economy in general. That is a huge benefit of using a TENS machine!

To wrap things up…

Here at TENS Machine Pro we see ourselves as an authority in the use of TENS machines and their benefits. We love to shout from the rooftops about how they can help you and your needs as we believe the more people that know about this technology the better.

It is our honest belief that there are many benefits to using a TENS machine over regular pain relief medicines. Each user has there owns needs but many ailments and illnesses can now be relieved by TENS therapy.

Although there has not been many large studies into the benefits of TENS machines it is clear to see that they work. Doctors and physicians around the world are now advising people to try using a TENS device. With this many people are now using them and reporting that it is changing their lives. What was once painful and sometimes unbearable has been relieved with these little units.

Surely it must be time for you to see the advantages and benefits of using a TENS machine for yourself? If you would like to see some of our TENS machine reviews please click this link. Otherwise I would like to wish you the best of luck on your future TENS therapy treatment!

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All of our writings are fact checked and researched to make sure you get the best information. Below are some of our research sites and further reading.

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